Any way you slice it, every customer touchpoint impacts brand loyalty

Derrick Cline | Aug 15, 2019 Derrick Cline 08/15/19

“You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.”—Yogi Berra

People love pizza. So much so, the average American eats 23 pounds of it every year. And while third-party delivery continues to disrupt the restaurant industry as a whole, many pizza lovers still opt to get their pies the old-fashioned way—by contacting the restaurant directly.

In a recent study we conducted with our market intelligence tool BrandGeek®—the fastest, most accurate source of behavioral data—we looked at how more than 2,000 customers ordered pizza, opted to get it, and how satisfied they were with the experience. Here’s what we found:


Employees need to up their phone game

Think phone ordering is dead and everyone’s now online? Think again. Nearly 1/3 of customers are placing their pizza orders over the phone—which means employees are impacting the customer experience right out of the gate.



An ongoing, structured training program is vital to keeping employees on their “A” game. And restaurant brands can’t overlook the importance of basic customer service elements like phone etiquette. Without proper training on carryout orders, employees could be providing subpar experiences—resulting in customers taking their business elsewhere.

Brands should also evaluate location operations during high-volume call times to see if:

  • Additional employees are available to take carryout orders during peak business hours
  • The restaurant is equipped with multiple phone lines so customers receive timely attention
  • Staff is aware (and communicating) special offerings or promotions to customers

Why is this so important? Across all measures—Overall Satisfaction, Speed of Service, Likelihood to Reorder, etc.—customers who place phone orders have the highest satisfaction. Make these customers happy and they’re more likely to choose your pizza over the competition next time.


On-premise experiences are a missed opportunity

Carryout makes up more than half of pizza orders. But across all measures, our data shows these customers are less satisfied than delivery—even when it comes to staff friendliness.



Though delivery drivers do need to be personable, there is no excuse for an unfriendly on-premise staff. While it may seem less important to train on friendliness with the carryout staff—due to the quick interaction they have with customers—this isn’t the case. Our data shows these carryout interactions matter to customers and will impact how likely they are to return.


Keep every customer touchpoint top-of-mind

Your customers have multiple ways to interact with your brand—and those options will keep expanding. In order to keep up, your team must provide consistent and exemplary service every time. Whether that’s on the phone taking an order, providing help in person, or delivering food to their door—no interaction is more important than another.

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Derrick Cline | Consumer Insights Manager
Customer Experience Update