Q3 tech enhancements focus on streamlined service recovery

Bennett Gamel | Oct 17, 2019 Bennett Gamel 10/17/19

SMG’s tech teams have been hard at work designing platform updates that make it easier for brands to collect data, uncover and share insights, take actions, and monitor impact. Building on the advancements we made in Q1 and Q2, here are the key enhancements implemented last quarter:

Case management

This centralized, multi-source platform gives you tools to promptly respond, assign, track, and resolve customer issues for an effective service recovery process. Some notable features include:

  • smg360 dashboard card: This aggregated summary provides a snapshot view of new, in progress, resolved, and escalated cases—so you understand the whole picture before you start solving customer issues.
  • smg360 app: Action cases directly from the app with the added ability to resolve cases, forward details, call the customer, edit tags, and use scripted responses.


  • In-platform email: Maximize efficiencies by sending email responses to consumers within the platform.
  • Scripted response: Set up email templates to create consistent, personalized, and on-brand messages.
  • Case reassignment: Change the owners of cases so you can make sure each issue is addressed by the right person in your enterprise.
  • Alert summary report: Quickly see aggregated metrics across all alert types, giving you visibility into alert trends.

Operational risk alerts

Through predictive analytics, you can now be alerted to high-impact, low-frequency food safety issues in real time. With configurable thresholds, you can determine the correct measures for minimizing false positives and mitigate operational risks.


Report-builder + other advanced enhancements

The smg360 reporting platform is designed for customizable, role-based data views, powerful analysis, and prescriptive information. Notable new features include:

  • Enhanced trend report: Updated visualization and custom configurations now feature external data, filtering CATA questions, YOY statistical testing, and multiple trend charts on a single dashboard—giving you far more options for interpreting trend data.
  • Test group management: Make A/B testing easier than ever by saving your test groups instead of creating a new list each time you run a new report.
  • Text analytics comment card: This new dashboard card previews the sentiment breakdown of your most recent customer comments, so you can analyze data at a high level before you drill in to full details of each comment.


What’s next?

With 2020 on the horizon, we’re working hard on our last round of tech enhancements for 2019. We’re excited to continue evolving our technology in ways that benefit our clients and drive meaningful change in their organizations.

In the meantime, learn more about how case management can help you improve your service recovery process by downloading the best practice guide Close the loop: 5 ways to resolve customer issues + drive loyalty.

Bennett Gamel | VP, Product Management

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