8 ways SMG takes a holistic approach to personal wellness

Kim Klosak | Jan 17, 2020 Kim Klosak 01/17/20

Mental health and physical health are not mutually exclusive—one greatly impacts the other. And both are vital to a productive work environment. With that in mind, SMG recently created an official wellness cadre—an internal group dedicated to launching companywide initiatives driving physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Let's take a look at some of these health benefits:

  1. On-site fitness

    Not only do SMG employees have access to two fitness facilities at their Kansas City headquarters, they also have weekly opportunities to engage in instructor-led courses like boot camp, yoga, and running club. This convenience factor makes it easier for employees to prioritize their physical health with the added perk of getting to know coworkers across departments.


  2. Preventative care

    One of the most beneficial things you can do for your physical health is take preventative measures. SMG provides annual flu vaccinations and biometrics screenings on-site so employees can be more knowledgeable on the status of their current health. We also encourage annual wellness exams and award employees who complete one each year.

  3. Corporate Challenge

    Physical activity and a little friendly competition is a winning combination, and the annual Kansas City Corporate Challenge is proof. Every summer, around 200 SMG employees sign up to compete in swimming, volleyball, tug-of-war, darts, bowling, and several other events. There’s something for everyone. And with last year’s first-place victory under our belt, we’re geared up to dominate in 2020.

  4. Dog Day Fridays

    Puppies are cute and all, but did you know they’re also good for your health? The CDC reports being around dogs can help decrease blood pressure and cholesterol while increasing physical activity and socialization. That’s why every Friday is Dog Day at SMG. Employees bring in their beloved canines while coworkers get the physical and emotional benefit of having them in the office.


  5. Nutrition

    One of the main goals of the wellness cadre is making healthier food more accessible to employees. Along with providing a snack closet with more nutritious items, the group is hoping to team up with local farmers’ markets and bring in seasonal, fresh food to the office; encourage healthy meal and recipe swaps with coworkers; and—in conjunction with SMG’s green team—promote Meatless Mondays, encouraging employees to eat a vegetarian diet at least one day of the week.

  6. Financial fitness

    Financial stressors can greatly impact a person’s mental and physical health. That’s why SMG encourages taking an active approach to financial wellness. It’s impossible to remove all stress, but through our 401K program contributions, continuing education opportunities, and on-site financial counseling services, SMG provides a safety net to help alleviate financial anxiety.

  7. Volunteering

    Doing good makes you feel good. Giving employees an opportunity to make an impact in the communities we live and work in is an integral part of SMG’s culture. Last year we held our first Day of Giving in April, followed by our second Day of Giving in November, which included a focus on helping local veterans with the Veterans Community Project. From planting trees with Bridging the Gap to preparing snack bags for The Ronald McDonald House, SMG employees gave their time to a dozen non-profit organizations in the KC area.


  8. Mindfulness
    Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is chill for a bit. Take a break for a chair massage. Attend a lunch + learn on mindfulness. Get away from your desk and sit on the roof for 10 minutes. These moments of relaxing and recharging are encouraged at SMG and do wonders for productivity. We work hard and play hard, but we also know dedicating time to self-care is just as important.

These are just a few of the ways SMG promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle. To learn more about our company culture and to view open opportunities, click here.

Kim Klosak | VP, Human Resources

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