CX Day 2020 | A celebration of providing safe customer experiences

Kim Klosak | Oct 5, 2020 Kim Klosak 10/05/20

To commemorate CX Day 2020—a global celebration of exemplary customer experience and the professionals who make it happen—we asked fellow SMG-ers to share some stand-out experiences they’ve had this past year and what businesses are doing to put customers’ health + safety first.


Stephanie Ayers | CMO

My daughter’s dentist office clearly communicated their COVID-19 safety procedures prior to our appointment so we knew what to expect. Upon arrival, they had someone at an interim check-in desk in the entrance breezeway, where only one family was allowed in at a time. They took your temperature, gave you hand sanitizer, and directed you to a socially distanced place to fill out paperwork in the lobby. The little things—like being instructed to keep your own pen and removal of the communal snack area—showed extra consideration for our safety.

Melanie Hager | Communications Designer

I walked into Hy-Vee the other day (masked up) and noticed the man in front of me didn’t have a mask on. As he entered the building, a security officer stopped him and asked he go put on a mask before coming in to shop. It made me feel safe that someone was enforcing the rules.

Lauren Metzler | Account Manager

My first restaurant experience once things started to open back up was at the local Kansas City spot, Novel. They did a really great job making us feel comfortable.

First off, they covered all the basics: All employees wore masks and gloves at all times and the tables were spaced over six feet apart. Then they went above and beyond—making sure to sanitize the table before we sat down, providing paper menus which were thrown away after each use, and being careful not to touch anything you were using after they placed it in front of you (cutlery, glasses, etc.)

The service was amazing, and they were very conscious of the situation, which helped with the level of comfort. It definitely made me feel like they were being as careful in the kitchen as they were at the tables.

The excellent service and attention to detail with regard to guest safety made it a very highly satisfying experience.

Ken White | President

My wife and I really appreciate retailers offering curbside pickup. Our family has been practicing social distancing but wanting to remain active. We have used curbside pickup from a sporting goods retailer a few times and every experience was fantastic! We were able to find what we needed on the website, received clear communication when our order was ready (quite quickly, I might add) and pickup was so easy—simply clicking the link in our email indicating we had arrived and a store team member brought out our merchandise in a contactless way.

Josie Gaeckle | VP, Client Insights

As a made-to-order business without drive-thrus and with all ordering done via touchscreen, Wawa was in a tough spot early on. However, they have done a great job going above and beyond to make their customers feel safe. They’ve provided wipes for screens, sanitizer stations throughout, and plenty of signage. Plus, they rolled out kids’ meals during the pandemic and my kids are big fans!


Stephen Shaffer | Product Marketing Manager

As a privately-owned record store and non-essential retailer, I have been super impressed with how Mills Records Company in Westport has evolved in continuing to serve customers since COVID started.

In March and April, they closed their doors for some time, but quickly stood up extensive online options (both delivery and BOPIS curbside). They offered limited-time products such as “mystery music care packages”—where for $20, their associates would pick and pull music that aligned with your tastes and have it delivered.

Once it was safe to open, they were very communicative + diligent with their in-store policies. Customers must sign in upon entry, use hand sanitizer, and wear a mask at all times and occupancy is limited to a certain number of customers. In their weekly email of new releases, they always communicate any updated store hours or practices.

Recently, they modified their operations for Record Store Day—a big revenue generator for record shops—by spreading the event out over a course of several Saturdays. Customers were instructed to arrive with their “pull list” filled out and ready to hand to an employee, who would then locate the albums for them and meet at the designated checkout stations. The process was great—and ensured customers got the limited releases they wanted without having to risk health + safety. 

Celebrating brands that put the customer first—every day of the year

At SMG, we get to spend our days working with winning brands like these—helping them shape and evolve their experience management (XM) programs to provide the safest customer and employee experiences possible. If you’re interested in joining the team, check out our open opportunities here.

Kim Klosak | VP, Human Resources

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