Product Strategy + Development

Big picture. Big ideas. We put ourselves in our users’ shoes to make sure our products deliver top-quality experiences to our top-quality clients. We dream up new concepts that make our surveys, mobile apps, website, reporting platforms, and products easier to use—and our data easier to understand. We stay ahead of the curve to deliver what our clients need before they even know they need it.

Product Management

Are you a dreamer and a doer? Our product managers keep our big picture in focus so we can serve our end-users better. How do our clients use what we build? Can we make it better? We collaborate with development teams and leadership to help drive our product innovation roadmap toward cutting-edge solutions. If you’re a problem-solver with 20/20 vision for what’s ahead—jump on board!


Products don’t mean much if you can’t use them. Our UX team is focused on developing new concepts and designs that follow industry best practices and make our tools a joy to work with. We collaborate with Product Managers, Information Architects, Engineers, and key stakeholders to ensure our client-facing technologies are operating at the highest standards. We’re passionate about stuff that works—join us!

Product Strategy

Our products are our bread and butter. And we’re the team with our eyes on the future of our top-of-the-industry offerings. We’re experts in business development and strategic growth, with years of experience and leadership in building our variety of product offerings. If you’ve got a strong vision for what’s ahead and the leadership skills to see it through, this is your stop.

Business Specialist

Our business specialists use internal tools to build and support the stuff our clients depend on SMG to deliver—surveys, reporting platforms, and websites. We have a keen eye for quality—we review and analyze data to find problems before they happen. And we’re the link between our Client Insights and Technology teams—a vital part of client partnership. Ruthless triple-checkers apply here!


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