Research + Data Science

Details. Information. Facts. Our research team deals in the stuff that keep our insights and data accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy. We’re intensely curious and on-the-pulse of all things market and brand. We’re staying ahead of industry trends and consumer habits to keep our products relevant and our clients informed.

Brand Research

Helping our brands understand their place in the industry is absolutely critical in maintaining their success. And our brand research team does just that. We help clients learn more about brand perception through ongoing brand tracking studies, customer research, and customer community panel management. If you’re interested in helping brands learn and grow—we’re looking for you.

Market Research

Industry changes, consumer trends, and more—we work with our account teams to help guide the critical insights our clients expect from SMG. We use data analysis and modeling techniques to gather and communicate the information our clients need to take action. We’re dedicated to maintaining data quality and research rigor every step of the way—so our clients know they can trust what we deliver.

Data Science

Big data into actionable insights—that’s what we do. We test, bundle, and synthesize new data-driven models and concepts to create value for our clients and help them make better business decisions. Using massive datasets, we formulate advanced algorithms to find customer behavior patterns and preferences so our clients can serve them better. Love creating order out of chaos? Talk to us!


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