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Customer Experience

Your customers are talking and we speak their language. We know the right questions to ask and the best way to deliver actionable insights that help you create an impact on the conversation.

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Brand Research

What customers think and how they act can be different. That is why we track pre-purchase, purchase and even non-purchase behaviour compared to your brand and your competition.

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Employee Engagement

Your customer experience is tied to your employee experience. We have the tools to uncover the heart of your organisation, decreasing turnover and increasing sales performance.



We make your business our business. We connect what matters to your customers with what matters to you, understanding the unique behaviour motivators and operational demands of your industry.

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When your front line is hustling, your data access needs to keep pace. Introducing the next generation smg360® app, designed to keep your team on track and identify performance issues at-a-glance. One-click access allows unit and field managers to get the data they need when and where they need it and helps department heads and executives make more informed decisions. Available for phone and tablet, smg360 app delivers real-time information for real-time action. It's not just a player in the industry; it's a whole new game.
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Who is the c-store customer + what are they buying?

The look, taste, and reputation of convenience stores (c-stores) aren’t what they were 10 years ago—and they’re not going to be the same 10 years from now. For the past decade, c-stores have been improving and innovating their food and beverage offerings—developing specialty menu items and re-inventing the c-store customer experience.

These innovations have also caused an evolution of the c-store customer. Previously, the target market was much smaller, and advertising was geared to a specific demographic. “Gas station food” had a bit of a stigma, and not everyone had the stomach for it. But now, with offerings like scratch-made pizza, fresh salads, and locally-made desserts, more and more people are making c-stores a food and beverage destination.

To better understand this shift, we turned to our market intelligence tool BrandGeek®—the fastest, most accurate source of behavioral data linked to customer feedback in real time. With more than 120,000 responses from c-store and QSR customers, we discovered a lot about who’s frequenting c-stores and what they’re buying. Here’s what we found out:

Generational gaps don’t have much impact

The negative connotation of “gas station food” from the past is evaporating—customers of all ages are now purchasing food and beverages at c-stores. When it comes to beverages, older customers are leading the charge and are particularly drawn to self-serve drinks, where customers under the age of 44 are slightly more inclined to buy food.

what are c-store customers buying_1

Many major chains are increasing their fresh food and beverage options with things like locally-made granola bars and full-service barista stations—turning many millennials into loyal customers. With the younger generations embracing these offerings, the future of c-stores looks very bright.

Men and women are c-store customers

It would be easy to assume the c-store food and beverage space is dominated by men. But our data shows this stereotype doesn’t quite hold up. Yes, men are visiting c-stores more and are more likely to purchase food on their visits, but this doesn’t mean c-stores should overlook their female customers.

gender of c-store customers_2

There is only a 2-ppt difference between men and women when it comes to beverage purchases. This is an important thing to for c-stores to remember when they think about their marketing strategies. Advertising in the past was much more male-centric, but major c-store chains are now shifting to gender-neutral marketing campaigns in order to appeal to their entire clientele.

Customers with a wide range of incomes buy c-store food

With a big focus on convenience and value, c-stores’ food and beverage options are very appealing to customers with lower incomes. In fact, customers who make less than $25,000/year make more food purchases at c-stores than customers in higher salary brackets.

income of c-store customers_3

But again, it’s not by much. In fact, when it comes to self-serve drinks, it’s the higher-income customers who are filling up more often. It’s important for c-stores to appeal to all customers and strive to deliver a positive customer experience every time they walk through the door.

Demographics don’t define the c-store customer

As c-stores continue to evolve, so do their customers. With enhanced menu selections and a maintained focus on value, c-stores are becoming a food and beverage destination for all customers—no matter their age, gender, or income.

By understanding what their customers are drawn to and continuing to adapt to those expectations, c-stores could increase this food and beverage customer base—securing loyalty, return business, and increased revenue.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post answering an important question: Are c-stores delivering better experiences than QSRs? In the meantime, download the report: How c-stores are disrupting the food + beverage industry.

Katie Cofer | VP, Customer Engagement

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