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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


  • Who has the biggest impact on front-line employee engagement?

    Jeff Jokerst | Nov 10, 2017
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  • 7 tips for using your omnichannel CX programme to close the loop

    Jennifer McKenzie | Nov 9, 2017
    We say it all the time: don’t settle for a customer feedback programme—invest in a customer insights programme. A feedback programme essentially amounts to a list of reviews. There may be some interesting tidbits here and there, but for the most part, it just sits on your shelf collecting data. A customer insights programme, on the other hand, makes sense of all that data to help you drive meaningful actions—across every channel.
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  • SMG uniquely delivers VoC technology + professional services on a global scale

    SMG Insights | Nov 7, 2017
    Service Management Group (SMG) is featured in Gartner’s October 24, 2017 Market Guide for Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) Solutions. SMG is a global leader in customer experience measurement, helping more than 450 brands around the globe to listen, understand and act on feedback and behavioral data.
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  • SMG Employee Spotlight—Jared Gray

    Employee Spotlight | Nov 2, 2017
    Our Employee Spotlight series highlights what makes SMG work—our people. Learn more about the team that brings technology and insights together, and what it’s like to work here. Get to know Jared Gray—Research Analyst on Team Falconer.
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  • Text analytics helps you do more than just listen

    Teresa Cain | Oct 31, 2017
    The way people shop is changing faster than ever. From online to in-store, consumers have access to vast amounts of information that helps drive every purchase decision they make—which means more competition than ever.
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  • Launching a successful customer experience programme—Branding your programme

    Jim Sellers | Oct 27, 2017
    Getting your customer experience (CX) programme off the ground and on-track for success requires a team effort. And getting everyone on board means making the programme fit seamlessly into the rest of your overall brand strategy. Branding your programme helps establish its place in your organisation’s strategies and priorities—and makes it easier for your team to put it into action.
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  • Survey design—Content dressed to impress

    Franci Erdmann | Oct 25, 2017
    We know great insights start with great feedback—and great feedback depends on a healthy sample of responses. We’ve discussed invitation methods, length, incentives, and structure as key survey elements in getting good participation—but design is critical, too.
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  • Service Management Group announces partnership with Ridgemont Equity Partners

    SMG Insights | Oct 24, 2017
    Service Management Group (SMG) today announced the closing of an investment by Ridgemont Equity Partners, a middle market private equity firm. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. SMG is a global leader in customer experience (CX) measurement, helping more than 450 brands around the globe to listen, understand and act on feedback and behavioral data.
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  • Customer trust leads to big improvements for service industry brands

    Clancy Merrill | Oct 19, 2017
    Getting great feedback from your customers is no easy task—but when your business is based on selling a service, it can be even more complicated. Unlike retailers or restaurants, your products aren’t a quick-and-easy item that comes in a package. Delivering a great service—one that keeps customers coming back—means building real connections with your customers. Fostering customer trust is always a factor no matter what you’re selling, but in the service industry it’s the most critical part of building loyalty.
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  • Service Management Group keeps its focus on CX tech and insights with two executive promotions

    SMG Insights | Oct 18, 2017
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  • Proving CX program value: More than the bottom line

    Kelcey Curtis | Oct 17, 2017
    Being a customer experience (CX) professional can be tough at times. Native to the world of big data and tasked with thinking big picture, you walk a fine line between the granular and the grandiose, constantly looking for ways to translate terabytes to insights.
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  • How mobile access to CX data engages the field + drives results

    Claudette Stevenson | Oct 13, 2017
    We all know how difficult it is to change your work habits. That’s why SMG is always trying to find new and innovative ways for our clients to get the data and insights they need, without disrupting their day-to-day jobs. When we launched the smg360® mobile app, we thought about how we could build a tool that adds the most value for clients’ employees by providing more convenient access to the data and insights they need, ultimately making their jobs easier.
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  • Building a winning customer experience with an omnichannel approach

    Missy Heck | Oct 10, 2017
    Innovation is exciting. Constant advancements in technology and research mean there are so many different ways to make an impact on your customers—you can do it online, in-store, on mobile devices, through social media, and more. But turning those touchpoints into a seamless customer experience is easier said than done. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s critical to understand how each of these touchpoints functions, how they work together, and how to listen effectively to what your customers are saying along the way.
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  • CIO Dennis Ehrich looks back on 10 years at SMG

    Employee Spotlight | Oct 4, 2017
    It’s not every day a chief executive hits a 10-year anniversary. But at SMG, we’re committed to doing what it takes to keep great people around for the long haul. We caught up with our Chief Information Officer Dennis Ehrich to pick his brain about his time at SMG, as well as the future of all things data and technology.
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  • 4 essential CX leadership qualities

    Derek Swords | Oct 3, 2017
    We’re lucky to work with really great, passionate CX leaders throughout the industry—and we’ve learned it takes a lot more than just technology and willpower to succeed. In our 26 years of service, here are 4 things we’ve seen leaders who truly “get” CX measurement do over and over again to deliver superior customer experiences.
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  • Power User Exchange 2017 | Reflecting on 3 days of illumination

    Ken White | Sep 28, 2017
    Every year we host two client events—Forum in the spring and Power User Exchange in the fall—and after each one, we come away incredibly inspired by our clients’ passion to know more and do better. This year’s Power User Exchange was no exception. The insights we covered could easily fill a book—but for the sake of brevity, I wanted to give you the cliff notes version and share my 3 biggest takeaways.
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  • SMG + Catalyst Healthcare Research | Why healthcare? Why now?

    Chris Egan | Sep 26, 2017
    In case you missed it, SMG recently made headlines with the acquisition of Nashville-based Catalyst Healthcare Research (CHR). While VP of Customer Engagement Dan Prince has already shared his thoughts on the partnership, I think it’s important to explain how we envision the move ultimately impacting our business. After all, SMG prides itself on being a strategic partner, and while that typically means delivering technology and insights that lead to more informed initiatives for our clients, we strive to be transparent about our own strategies, too.
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  • 5 qualities of high-performing managers—and why they matter

    Jeff Jokerst | Sep 21, 2017
    It’s unfortunate, but most of us have been there: working a job that leaves you uninspired, unfulfilled, and eventually looking for something more meaningful. On the opposite end of the spectrum, many of us have been fortunate enough to find jobs that feel less like daily grinds and more like careers that tap into our true passions. And if you think back to those jobs that fall into the latter category, chances are they all have one thing in common: high-performing managers.
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  • Tracking web traffic reveals key insights into your online presence

    Lou Bellaire | Sep 18, 2017
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  • Themes to watch in the restaurant industry

    Katie Cofer | Sep 15, 2017
    SMG is looking forward to spending time at this year’s MUFSO conference in Dallas, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. Every year we leave with our brains buzzing, ready to put everything we learned into practice. MUFSO gives us a chance to meet with top restaurant industry leaders, innovators, thinkers, and doers. We get a chance to step into our clients’ shoes—so we can know more about their business, and how to help them prepare for what’s on the horizon.
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