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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Keep your front lines engaged in CX by keeping them in the loop

Nichole Wright | Jan 23, 2018 Nichole Wright 01/23/18

Nothing motivates like a progress report. Whether the news is positive or negative, most of us like to know where we stand—especially when we’re working toward a specific goal.

Assuming you launched your new customer experience program with due fanfare, everyone on the team should have a good idea of what to expect. Engagement is high and there’s a sense of anticipation in the air. Maintain momentum by keeping everyone informed.

Build a schedule of communications to share updates and articulate your program vision as it evolves. These updates will reinforce your organization’s commitment to CX. They’ll also give everyone a clear sense of how your CX improvements are making an impact, and they’ll call out areas that need extra attention.

Mix up your modes 
When you’re ready to execute your internal communications plan, shake it up. Use a combination of modes, depending on your audience and the type of information you want to share.

  • Splash pages, infographics, and monthly newsletters are good for tracking performance on key drivers
  • Executive emails are great for celebrating wins and announcing strategic moves
  • Regular webinars maintain focus on the program, and they’re an opportunity for ongoing training and important reminders

Get the boss involved

Kudos from the boss go a long way. When positive customer comments come through, encourage your CEO to send a personal note to the local manager/operator. This tells employees two things:  1) Leadership is paying close attention to CX, so I should too, and 2) My CX efforts are paying off and it feels great to be making a difference.