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CX pros provide valuable programme insight

Shad Foos | Apr 17, 2018 Shad Foos 04/17/18

We’re a curious bunch.

We recently surveyed more than 150 CX pros to understand their company’s CX programme priorities and performance. And we learned some pretty cool stuff. 

First, in order to be successful, your CX programme must directly inform your company strategy. The top three ways to make that happen include:

  1. Actively engaging your senior leadership
  2. Demonstrating impact on financials
  3. Driving actionable insights

Only 58% of CX pros strongly believe their programmes are informing their company strategy, so there is a ton of runway for improvement. Hopefully you’re in the 58%!


Next, customer insights must be accessible and actionable. If you’re not highly satisfied with your current programme, do these three things to dial up your happy:

  1. Drive action across your organization
  2. Provide access to intuitive dashboards
  3. Create automated reporting

Only 27% of those we surveyed are highly satisfied with their current CX programme. This means nearly three quarters of you see room for improvement with your internal teams and your measurement partners. Keep pushing. CX insights are so critical!


Our report also identifies that the top deliverables for most CX programmes are Data Analysis (82%) and Insights (75%), while the biggest opportunities lie with Inspiration (74%) and Action-Planning (65%).

Additional findings within the report include programme accountability, top- and bottom-performing programme metrics, and correlations between programme metrics and programme satisfaction.

Finally, we uncover and report on what CX pros feel are the most important aspects of CX measurement and what they see as the biggest challenges for success.

When the results were in and the numbers were crunched, our big “ah-ha” finding was that there is a lot of opportunity for CX teams and external CX partners to improve both strategic and technology elements to make it easier for customers to take surveys. We also see that successful programmes deliver both technology and insights that help the entire organization drive meaningful action, increase loyalty, and improve business performance.

This short report is a page-turner and is time well spent for every curious CX pro who wants to map their next move toward programme success.

Check out the full report here. And good luck with your CX programme innovation!

Shad Foos | Chief Marketing Officer