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This is who we serve.

At SMG, we understand you, your industry and your customers. Not just because we have tried your product, visited the competition and sampled your service. We understand it because we live it; we live for it. Our curious researchers, technology gurus and client teams have worked in, with and for your industry, soaking up knowledge and turning that into deep benchmarks, unique reporting and valuable insights.


What matters most to your success? Maybe it is quality of food, speed of service or ease of ordering? Or maybe it is something completely different, such as franchisee buy-in, technology integration or employee turnover. We have been helping restaurants of all types long enough to know that there is not one ultimate answer and that multiple factors contribute to your customers' experience. We already speak your language and, using our broad benchmarks, we help you to identify and resolve the real-time issues that have an impact on your brand more quickly.

Our ability to follow your customers through all of their transactions - including take away orders, kiosk and app interactions and traditional restaurant dining visits -enable us to gain insights from tailored analytics where labour, timer and operational data is concerned. Easy to digest dashboard reporting shares critical feedback with managers and front-line employees, when and where it is needed. Furthermore, as your technology evolves so too does ours, integrating multiple channels and platforms for a holistic view of your brand experience.


Church's Chicken



Today's shoppers are interacting with your brand on their own terms, charting their own journey through an omnichannel experience. They are buying online and returning in-store. Browsing in-store and sharing their finds on social media. Discussing their encounters with your contact centre. Our years of experience help you to navigate these multiple channels in order to deliver consistency regardless of where, why and how your customers are shopping.

Although the retail industry is expansive, our proprietary research tools help you focus on your specific segment. We uncover what is having a direct impact on your own front line in order to empower your employees to be more responsive. Our insights help you make more informed operational decisions regarding inventory levels, labour variety and merchandise selection. What if there is no purchase? We use our exclusive location-based mobile app to dig deeper into this information which is so often overlooked.


Pets at Home



There is just one more thing. It may be a simple head of lettuce to your customer but we know how important that add to basket - that one more UPT - is to you. Our deep benchmarks help us make sense of your complex and competitive industry, creating a clearer picture of which insights you can act on and where your managers can truly have an impact. We have spent years analysing your industry so you only need to spend a few moments recognising what to do next.

As supermarkets evolve so too do our insights. We incorporate our knowledge of restaurants, service and even retail industries to share best practices on new endeavours such as restaurant dining, fuel services and online ordering. Our teams uncover your customers' purchasing habits and expectations through comprehensive loyalty card user analyses. We share our research into labour and inventory levels to help you understand their impact on your overall guest experience.


Festival Foods


Convenience Store

The convenience store industry moves quickly, as do your customers. So we give you easy access to your data, allowing our unique perspective and depth of competitive information to work for you. We understand that your competition can range anywhere from a quick service restaurant to a local supermarket and of course, the petrol station and convenience store around the corner.

In order to level the playing field we remove fuel pricing volatility in order to help you understand what really attracts your customers and what brings them back. Our proprietary location-based research reveals when someone chooses your location and also when they chose your nearby competition instead. We use the right methods to uncover what makes your customer experience stand out - what makes you great and what needs improvement - and even how to optimally involve franchisees for consistent delivery.




Travel + Entertainment

In an industry rooted in both business and pleasure, delivering consistent and positive interactions to meet such high expectations is challenging, yet achievable. We understand your visitors place their professional reputations as well as their closely guarded personal free time in your hands and we work diligently to uncover how you can enhance their experience.

Using full data integration capabilities we can bring more channels together for a deeper, more holistic view of your organisation. We recognise how to connect with your guests, tailor the data accessed by various department roles and offer guidance to your front line. Our unique published ratings technologies present only real, validated guest reviews - from people we know we know have visited your location and the time at which they visited - so you can make more informed investment decisions.





Selling a service goes much deeper than a product or moment in time. Your brand loyalty is based on relationships and created through trust. We know every touchpoint is personal and your people make the difference. We understand how front-line employees have an impact on each experience and how to best align your organisation's needs with their actions.

We gather and explore the interactions behind each customer's visit using transaction-level data in order to create broader analytics and new insights and to help you to identify return cycles. Our expert teams help you discover what behaviours drive and differentiate between service experiences, pinpointing the types of behaviour you can capitalise on for growth. With a bespoke service model we can deliver a tailored solution that remains rooted in industry best practices.





You don’t have to be an MD to know the healthcare environment is changing. From appointment to bedside to follow-up, patient-centred care has gone from wishful thinking to mandatory practice. But keeping a pulse on the changing complexion of the healthcare industry—and what that means for patient engagement—isn’t something you have to do alone. Our experts are equipped to handle the specialised challenges faced by those in the healthcare industry. 

With HIPAA-compliant measurement, we help providers chart a path to a healthy experience—one that checks all the boxes valued by your patients: timely appointments, easy access to information, quality communication with providers. We let you know how you’re doing on meeting patient expectations, and where you might be falling behind. Our proven practices build trust with physicians while yielding valuable insights that encompass every patient interaction—across the continuum of care. 


State of the Patient Experience 2017


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