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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Brand Trackers

Customer behaviour is driven by both rational and emotional factors, elevating the importance of attitudinal research and brand perception. SMG BrandTrack helps you understand your customers’ decision and funnel opportunities relative to your competition. Where do customers leave the funnel and what are the drivers that cause them to convert from one stage to the next? At SMG, our teams combine the findings from your customer experience measurement programme, brand health tracking and location-based SurveyMini® behaviour data in order to deliver richer, more actionable insights.


Research at Work

It takes the right tools to find the right answers. Our researchers scour all sources of information to answer questions, fill in gaps, or seek the clarity that doesn’t usually come with just one method. Through perceptual mapping, we establish the emotional relationship shoppers have with your brand using an array of measures. From conjoint analysis to MaxDiff, price elasticity to relative weight key driver regressions, we turn complex research into easy-to-understand, actionable insights and recommendations.


Tracking Brand Health

They love you...they love you not. Understanding the reasons consumers choose your brand—or when they go for the competition instead—goes beyond what to why. A key component of SMG's brand health tracking is evaluating the target areas of brand improvement and using advanced statistical techniques to identify the key rational and emotional drivers of improvement where it matters the most. It's all part of how we help you gain a holistic view of how customers move from awareness of your brand all the way to true loyalty.

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