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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Location-Based Mobile Research

Do you know where your customers are? We do. SurveyMini® is SMG’s patented location-based mobile research app. Our users are growing every day as more customers actively opt-in to share their shopping behaviour and provide valuable feedback during—or shortly after—a brand interaction. Using unparalleled GPS and mapping technology, SurveyMini triggers a short survey to the user’s smartphone following a visit to one of your locations—or a competitor’s location. By detecting actual visits to multiple brands in your industry we can capture data you cannot get anywhere else. We already collect more than 10 million completed surveys a year in the US, and are rapidly expanding throughout the UK. We get you closer to your customers to answer questions about what happens before, during and after someone visits your locations.


Precise Mapping Technology

With precise mapping technology, SMG accurately pinpoints locations and detects visits to your locations and those of your competitors. More advanced than any other mobile research app, our technology redefines what it means to map points of interest. Our enhanced algorithms provide timely behavioural measurements over long intervals while real-time visit detection processing properly accounts for both errors inherent in gps measurements and irregularly shaped store lease lines. With this exceptional accuracy, we know when and where your customers actually crossed the doorstep; whether they drove by your location and then visited the competition; and even where a customer is within your store layout. We then trigger survey invitations while the experience is still fresh, delivering better, more relevant, and accurate feedback.


Non-Purchaser Data

Traditional customer satisfaction measurements rely on a purchase first. But what your customers aren't doing is just as important as their sales transactions. Did they visit your location first then browse or purchase from a competitor? How often did they visit your locations and not purchase? Why was a purchase not made and what did the consumer do next? We deliver a more complete understanding of the reasons shoppers didn’t buy and what your customers are doing over time.


Behavioural Data

SurveyMini gives you a window into how your customers behave and combines this with your traditional CX measurements to uncover the what, why and when of shopping behaviour. Frequent shoppers with brand loyalty cards may still only be giving you part of their business. Uncovering their patterns with your competitors can tell you where you can improve to capture their additional transactions. The combination of behavioural data and accurate feedback generates unique, dynamic insights for better business decisions.



Populated with SurveyMini data, SMG’s market intelligence tool BrandGeek lets clients access the data in real time to see satisfaction on key measurements and trip motivation. Dynamic usage allows users to cut and filter the data any way they need to view region, competitive set, consumer demographic, and time period information.


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