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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Location CXM

Location, location, location. The majority of your brand experience happens at the location level with in-store sales leading the way. While it's not possible to assign an employee to interact with every individual, SMG VisitView—our Location CXM survey—gets you closer to understanding what your customers are thinking. In fact, this is what we love to do—what we are built to do—with methods, teams and technologies which are continuously fine-tuned over decades and created specifically to deliver this promise.

As the market changes, so do we. VisitView now spans a host of customer interactions with your brand that are critical to your success: from a restaurant where customers order by kiosk or a retailer that offers in-store pick-up for online orders. No matter the experience, VisitView has you covered. We capture data from actual, verified customers that you can quickly filter by time, date and location to easily see what is working and at what times and where you can improve.


Invitation Method

How we ask is as important as what we ask. Just as your customers have changed their interactions with you, we've adapted to make our invitations more relevant, timely, and convenient. We couple the right invitation—POS receipts; printed materials; email; SMS text; branded app—with the right incentive and redemption method—pounds off; free items; percent off; BOGOF; prize draws; loyalty points; single-use barcodes—to drive participation and completion goals per location, delivering the biggest bang for your buck.


Survey Platforms

We go where your customers are. Web, mobile-optimised, IVR, kiosk/in-store tablet, in-app, and SurveyMini® platforms let customers engage with them on their own terms. We tailor survey questions, language, and structure to complement the platform. Whether this means reducing the length of the survey or adding an option for follow-up, we create an experience that leads to actionable data.

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