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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Social CXM

Social media offers a fresh, new look at the overall sentiment of your brand and the direct impact of your locations. With SMG SocialView, we integrate rich, social ratings and comments with your VisitView data so they're actionable at the location level. We go beyond review tracking to bring it all into your SMG reporting dashboard for a holistic view of the customer experience, helping you quickly identify what's important to all customers—in all channels—side by side. And with Trumpet Ratings®, you have the opportunity to let your customer feedback work harder for you, by publishing it to SMG’s own ratings and review site. It's all part of SMG’s comprehensive Social CXM solution.


SMG SocialView

Understanding the value of a dynamic source of consumer feedback, SocialView harnesses the power of word of mouth. Aggregating location-specific reviews and ratings across the top review sites, we compare this unsolicited feedback to your customer experience data. We tie it to the location level for further analysis and action. As part of your SMG reporting dashboard, SocialView lets you view aggregated metrics and also drill down to individual comments for a deeper understanding of individual issues and the ability to respond or follow up to posts through direct links to social sites.


Trumpet Ratings®

Trumpet Ratings is SMG's own ratings and review site. When your customers tell others about what it's like to experience your brand at the location level, we want to get the word out. Trumpet Ratings uses authenticated customer feedback to boost your online presence and share the day-to-day service you provide. We draw from SMG-validated CX surveys—including our location-based mobile research app, SurveyMini®—to push review content to our own trumpetratings.com site and directly to your own local web pages. Designed for the way customers search, Trumpet Ratings can improve your SEO efforts while giving consumers information they can trust.


Social Advocacy

SMG’s social advocacy feature turns your customers into fans. They love to share their opinions about the brands they shop, dine, and frequent. Give them the tools to share with others after they share with you. We help them publish their own authentic reviews, opinions, accolades, and suggestions directly to your Twitter and Facebook pages. We invite them to connect with your brand and loyalty club websites. To make it easy, we offer the opportunity immediately following the survey while their experience is still fresh. In just the past year, millions of customers of SMG clients chose this option, becoming the kind of authentic, organic brand advocates that promote awareness of and trust in your brand that's three times more powerful than traditional marketing.

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