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Employee Engagement

Your employees have a unique view of your brand and how it interacts with your customers. Their thoughts, actions and ideas drive their success...and therefore yours. Understanding employee engagement allows you to decrease the level of turnover, provide better service to your customers and increase sales performance. We deploy our proven model and methodologies so you do not have to start from scratch, with links to business outcomes and analysis of how overall engagement has an impact on your business.

Why measure employee engagement?

Employee engagement helps you uncover the soul of your organization, and how you can leverage that to inspire productivity and help employees reach their full potential. We help you identify the aspects of your environment that promote or detract from employee engagement and provide insights and tools for improvement.

Measurement Touchpoints


Listen to your employees to drive organisational change. SMG Associate Voice® delivers a comprehensive programme that assesses engagement and turns insights into results.


Short and strategic, pulse surveys let you connect with front-line employees to quickly measure and improve performance during critical periods.

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​A new hire goes beyond day one and involves your entire organisation. SMG Onboard measures the impact of your recruiting, training, and leadership support activities.


It's time to view turnover differently. SMG Exit identifies what makes employees stay or leave but can also offer insights into what types of employees best fit your values.



We make it easy to collect and report high volumes of more accurate data so you can connect with employees on a more personal level.

Text Analytics

Find out the meaning behind the numbers. Open-ended comments could have something in common. We look for patterns and create structure to understand the context of your data.


When survey responses require real-time action we let you know. Whether it is a reason to celebrate or an employee-specific issue, instant notification drives prompt resolution.

Action Planning

Take the guesswork out of understanding and correcting low scores. We create proactive responses to "Now what?" by developing specific action plans administered and managed through the smg360 reporting website.

Employee Engagement Best Practices

Understand employee engagement—from both sides of the register.


    Engaged Employees Increase Revenue

    Happy employees pay off with happy customers. An effective engagement programme consistently leads to better financial results, because locations with higher engagement have more highly satisfied, loyal customers recommending the business to others.

    Key Drivers Across the Organisation

    Among employees in grocery, retail, and restaurant industries, rewarding work is the number one driver of engagement across organisations, no matter the job or title. They engage more with work that means something, takes advantage of the talents they have, and provides opportunities to learn and grow.

    Engaging Millennials

    As millennials enter the job market, they’re less willing to make a long-term commitment to an organisation. But there’s nothing unique about what drives them. Like everyone else, they want rewarding work that allows them to use their skills, learn new ones, and grow within the company.

    Common Reasons for Disengagement

    What drives your associates? Hint: it’s not level of pay! Employees want to feel that they are making a difference. When asked to weigh in on factors that promote or detract from engagement, disengaged employees consistently voiced a desire to receive more managerial support and more recognition for their hard work.

    Take Action

    Don’t ask if you don’t intend to act! When employers start acting on employee feedback—whether through change, improvement, or simply meaningful response—engagement levels improve dramatically. Go beyond a baseline survey with a programme that follows through with goal-setting, action-planning, and pulse surveys.

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