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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


What are your employees telling you? SMG Associate Voice® starts a two-way conversation with the people who directly influence your brand. After all, engaged employees are more likely to be innovative, productive brand ambassadors. They are passionate about their work, providing better customer service. This in turn creates more loyal customers who visit more, spend more, and recommend your brand more.


Turn Questions into Insights

We've got this down to a science. SMG Associate Voice starts with five proven questions to assess engagement, tracking performance at both the company and location level. By understanding how to connect with front-line employees, we achieve participation levels up to 80%, gathering data you can trust. Our process helps identify the key drivers impacting employee engagement, plus factors affecting the ability to serve customers, for a holistic view of your entire culture.


Turn Insights into Action

Go from "why" to "what's next" with a deeper understanding of areas that need your attention and plans to drive higher engagement. Our industry-leading text analytics gets you beyond the numbers, diving into the context behind the data. This offers you the opportunity to look at common themes and discover areas that are ready for change based on what employees are telling you they want to happen.


Turn Action into Results

Don't ask if you don't intend to act! Don't use data as your end-point; use it to drive your action. Demonstrating you are listening and responding to employee feedback fosters increased cooperation and engagement improvement. Involve your employees in decision-making where possible to create ownership and buy-in. Together, we'll help you set measurable goals as part of an action plan, accelerating change you can do on your own and creating a self-sufficient organisation. Most importantly, we'll show you quantifiable financial results.

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