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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


Can we have just a moment? That's all a pulse survey takes, providing an easy way to touch base with front-line employees and get closer to the action at strategic intervals. SMG clients that include pulse surveys with employee engagement surveys can choose to implement them at any time, for a quick read on important organisational issues after product launches, around peak service times, or during special promotion periods.


Start with Short Surveys

You can gain a lot when you ask a little. By keeping our pulse surveys short (think: 2–3 minutes at the most), we ask just what we need to know just when we need to know it. Short formats drive increased response rates and maintain the focus on a small number of key issues.


Take Action

When you follow through on what employees tell you—through change or meaningful response—you'll see a sizable bump in engagement. Pair your pulse surveys with SMG Associate Voice to coordinate feedback and follow through on existing action plans. Use the feedback to make sure concerns are being addressed consistently and effectively.


Enhance Customer Service

Your employees have a direct connection to your customers, with a unique view of how policies, promotions, and operations impact their service—and the customer experience. Use pulse surveys to measure how coupons affect speed of service; whether customers understand new product rollouts; or what matters most to staff around peak holiday times.

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