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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Action Planning

When you are ready to take action we can point you in the right direction. SMG’s location-level action-planning tool develops plans based on each location’s performance of key drivers of overall satisfaction—helping managers increase performance, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty through location-specific solutions created from best practices for your brand. Administered and managed directly through the smg360® reporting website, you will build a plan based on your brand's needs, assign detailed actions to team members, track performance and celebrate success.


Key Drivers

Aligning action plans with key drivers allows your locations to focus on improvements that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. Every location’s current and past quarter performance is measured in tandem with your weighted, brand-level key drivers. SMG illuminates the resulting Areas for Focus or Areas of Success based on whether the issue directly influences overall customer satisfaction; measures a noticeable drop or improvement from the previous quarter; or attains lower or higher scores than the national brand average.


Plan Development

We help you create plans before you need them, so you can be more responsive and managers can understand expectations. smg360 identifies the top two Areas for Focus for each location, giving managers key areas to address in the upcoming quarter. By accessing the automated planning tool, managers can easily turn this data into a customised plan with time-bound, measurable goals and clear responsibility for making improvements. We customise a repository of common causes of failure and actionable solutions for success based on your company and enhanced by our broad industry experience. Managers are further encouraged to customise causes and solutions based on their location’s unique situation and staff.


Plan Execution

Your action plans are ready. Now it's time to put them to work. As the direct line to your front line, managers implement a plan and engage their teams to complete assigned actions within the specified timeline. With access to their smg360 dashboard, they can view progress at a glance and gain tips for motivating the team toward its goals. Performance updates are posted every quarter—spotlighting the most common Areas for Focus across the field and recognizing Areas of Success—to monitor development and uncover trends in success across locations.

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