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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


Customer surveys are conversation starters. We comb through your data in real time looking for critical, time-sensitive opportunities to take actions that connect, celebrate or resolve. Our alerts trigger immediate e-mail notifications to parties that can impact on the outcome and feeds real-time data directly to the smg360® reporting platform. Fast-track high-priority results and comments to unit managers or other specified stakeholders for a quick response. We help you keep an eye on what is most important, even as it changes.


Close the Loop

When a customer reaches out and needs help or wants to be contacted, alerts help you respond faster and start the recovery process. We help turn a problem into a valuable, immediate second chance at building customer loyalty. After all, 82% of consumers say that the number one factor leading to a great customer service experience is having their issues resolved quickly. Our real-time alerts allow you to make contact when it is still relevant and tell you what's needed to solve the problem. Alerts remain open and the process continues until the customer is satisfied.


Actionable Triggers

If it needs your attention, we'll let you know. Customise your alerts based on your business needs. Call-back alerts highlight customer recovery opportunities when a survey respondent asks to be contacted. Celebration alerts occur when customers mention an employee by name and let managers immediately recognise superior service. Focus alerts zero in on pre-determined measures that interest you most. Text analytics alerts tune in to verbatim customer feedback to highlight concerning words and phrases. Social alerts trigger an action based on review site keywords or star ratings. Regardless of what you choose to alert on, we'll help you monitor real-time issues for efficient, effective resolution.


Manage Alerts

No matter the source, our event management system is a comprehensive solution for managing customer alerts efficiently and effectively. We combine information from scores, customer comments, contact centre data, and third-party data to pinpoint your brand's hot issues and critical needs. We help identify the appropriate alerts, opportunities to celebrate, and topics for escalation. We then push those results to the right emails, mobile app users, and reporting dashboards at the right time for the right resolution.

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