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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Text Analytics

When customers and employees share open-ended feedback, you gain deeper insights into what they really think. While the quantitative survey data is invaluable, it’s often the qualitative insights from customer and employee comments that help you add context to scores and answer questions you hadn’t thought to ask. SMG’s text analytics technology helps brands turn open-ended feedback into next-level insights—with top-tier accuracy and powerful, multi-source reporting.


Top-tier Accuracy

If you’re acting on the data, you have to trust that it’s accurate. SMG takes an augmented approach to machine learning, with our talented team of PhD data scientists continuously fine-tuning complex algorithms based on hundreds of millions of comments. That results in laser-like precision that helps brands get an accurate read on customer sentiment, group comments according to important categories, and surface emerging trends across channels.


Powerful Reporting

It doesn’t matter where the comment comes from—when customers tell you about their experiences in their own words, you have to listen. SMG’s multi-source text analytics reporting is equipped to handle comments from every channel—whether it’s your surveys, contact center, or CRM system. With unlimited real-time data, advanced filters, and Elasticsearch functionality, you can be sure you never miss an insight.


Next-level Insights

While the self-serve reporting offers an endless source of on-demand insights, we take it a step further to ensure you get the most out of your open-ended feedback. In addition to customized industry libraries and robust text benchmarks—which provide a more contextualized understanding of brand perception—SMG’s data science team uses text analytics alongside other sources to answer clients’ most complex research questions.

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