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Online reporting system

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


Working with SMG goes beyond exclusive in-house technology and superior insights. Behind it all is a group of smart, curious people who believe in your brand and come to work eager to make it even stronger; as if they are members of your team, as well as ours. These creative, talented, innovative individuals simply cannot help sharing what they know through cross-collaboration and open communication. And we would not have it any other way.

People Spotlight

Kurt Cederman

As a Sr. Research Analyst, Kurt does not just see numbers: he sees connections. Each day he eagerly scours customer experiences and employee engagement measurements to distill new, actionable data.

Sarah Sampson

Are you getting what you need? That is the question on Sarah’s mind in her role as Director of Client Services, working to ensure she and her team are guiding you in understanding and implementing the insights that drive your business.

Andy Eaton

Technology continuously evolves. As do Andy’s contributions as a Software Engineer. He turns his passion for improving technology into our next generation of successful client tools.

In Their Own Words

We share a lot of information, but it’s our clients that help tell our whole story. Listen in to what it’s really like to partner with SMG.

Our Leadership

Executive + Development

Our success starts at the top with a focus on a healthy environment for best-in-class talent and professional development.

Product + Innovation

Creative and innovative technology shines through when we are encouraged to develop new tools and explore new solutions for our clients' ever evolving needs.

Client Insights

Your destination when you need someone to go to: our clients benefit from strategic guidance, unparalleled research and exceptional project management.

Marketing + Engagement

It is not only about new opportunities. We build relationships and foster cross-client experiences that strengthen your entire industry.