New SMG eTrack feedback tab helps brands capture unsolicited customer feedback

Oct 11, 2018 by Paul Arnhold

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer experience, employee engagement and brand research partner to more than 500 brands, has introduced the eTrack feedback tab to help brands offer customers a ubiquitous e-commerce feedback channel.

Expanding on the SMG eTrack product, the eTrack feedback tab enables brands to capture real-time user experience and customer experience feedback. The feedback tab allows consumers to share unsolicited comments and feedback with a single click. Optimized for mobile devices, the tool can be used to collect page-specific feedback, overall site feedback and provide a direct link to a contact form.

“We recently made some significant enhancements to SMG’s website, including the addition of the eTrack feedback tab,” said Shad Foos, SMG Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s a bit like crowdsourcing in that we now have a direct channel for site visitors to provide real-time feedback about what works and what doesn’t while giving us a new way to capture valuable user experience data.”

Customer feedback—alongside other datasets—is delivered in the smg360® reporting dashboard and mobile app in real time, providing users with a holistic view of the customer experience. Within the dashboard, users have access to real-time alerts, robust reporting, advanced text analytics and more.

“With the increasing role e-commerce plays in the brand experience, delivering an exceptional online experience is top of mind for brands,” said Dennis Ehrich, SMG Chief Product and Technology Officer. “The new eTrack feedback tab offers brands a simple and effective way to capture customer feedback and continually improve the e-commerce experience.”

To learn more about how SMG eTrack and the eTrack feedback tab help brands discover key drivers of the user experience and improve the e-commerce experience, download the product guide.

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