SMG is helping brands mitigate operational risk through advancements in machine learning and predictive analytics

Sep 18, 2019 by Paul Arnhold

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer, patient and employee experience management partner to more than 500 brands, has advanced its predictive analytics technology to help brands manage operational risk through its customer experience management platform.

Powered by ongoing investment in data science and machine learning, SMG is enhancing its artificial intelligence capabilities to help brands detect customer feedback abnormalities and reduce operational risk. With operational risk presenting a significant threat to multi-unit serving a high volume of customers, SMG is leveraging machine learning to help brands efficiently identify outliers in unstructured data and mitigate risk.

SMG’s data science team has developed a suite of machine learning classifiers to detect operational risk for high-impact, low-frequency events. As a customer experience leader in the restaurant, grocery and convenience industries, SMG’s initial offering is a food safety alert. Through natural language understanding and advanced text analytics, the model is trained to detect when illness-related comments or phrases are referenced in unstructured feedback. Once a potential food safety incident is detected, SMG’s case management solution triggers a real-time alert so the brand can assess and respond to the incident quickly.

“As a brand’s most comprehensive source of open-ended customer feedback, the customer experience management platform is underutilized when it comes to managing operational risk,” said Joe Chen, Ph.D., SMG Vice President of Data Science. “Our ultimate goal with this solution is to help our clients quickly and efficiently identify the needle in the haystack.”

To monitor operational risk, SMG’s professional services team works with each client to customize the predictive threshold based on market requirements and key differentiators—including location count and survey volume. The algorithm tuning allows brands to minimize the number of false positives while helping ensure operational risk is promptly mitigated.


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