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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Case Study

Belk combines omni-channel CX data to get a more holistic view of the customer

Learn how Belk synced up omni-channel customer datasets to get deeper insights

Companies are investing more resources than ever into measuring and improving the customer experience across channels. But today’s leading brands know it’s not just about adding more datasets—it’s about maximizing the impact of each one by making sure they align. Learn how Belk’s CX program helps them prioritize information and drive action by putting all of their omni-channel customer data in one place.

Learn how Belk was able to:

  • Create a holistic view of the omni‑channel customer experience
  • Establish a customer-centric company culture from the top‑down
  • Link service standards to overall satisfaction at the department level

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