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White Paper

Avoiding perceptions of selling under the guise of survey research

Is your survey free of “Sugging”?

When marketers use survey research as a pretext for selling, they’re “Selling Under the Guise” of survey research—or “Sugging.” Because this back-handed practice is a threat to legitimate research, it’s important to be able to both identify and avoid it. In this white paper, we reference CASRO and AAPOR guidelines in an effort to arm brands with the knowledge to combat Sugging.

Download the white paper to learn best practices for avoiding the perception of Sugging:

  • Clearly state the purpose of the research and ensure all survey content and processes support that purpose
  • Allow respondents to opt-in for any contact outside the stated purpose of the survey
  • Use results of market research surveys to address the needs of groups and customers as opposed to individual customers