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Executive Brief

Transform patient experience insights into business-changing ROI

5 definitive tests to distinguish between insights + data points

You probably hear your internal leadership team talk about “patient experience (PX) insights” all the time. But what does that really mean? Are you all on the same page about what an insight is, and how it should drive your business forward? The unfortunate reality is most companies are just getting data points—not true PX insights. And data points aren’t enough. So how do you make sure your teams are getting all the information they need for your organization to operate as an insights-driven business?

Download this brief for 5 tests your teams should be applying to PX insights. To really change your business, they should:

  •        Inspire targeted action
  •        Provide tactical tools
  •        Identify clear action items
  •        Define a tangible goal
  •        Demonstrate ROI