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To keep pace with the change it takes to win, it’s critical to understand and act on the motivations and expectations of your customers and employees. To do that well you need integrated customer experience management (CEM) and employee experience (EX) programs that help you improve business performance across all omnichannel touchpoints. Our customer experience management platform serves your entire enterprise with a robust set of VoC capabilities including: customer feedback collection, integration of feedback with other data in a centralized data hub, real-time reporting, text analytics, benchmarking, action management, and case management.

The SMG Advantage

customer experience
Customer Experience

Your customers are everywhere, reflecting a true omnichannel experience. They're purchasing from, interacting with, and sharing reviews about your brand. And we can reach them all.

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employee engagement
Employee Experience

Your brand starts from within. Connect with your employees to reveal the relationship between their engagement and the experience they deliver to your customers.

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brand research
Brand Research

Track behavior, attitudes, and experience in a new way, uncovering the deeper story behind a non-purchase for a more holistic look at your brand's reputation and performance.

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Reporting + Analytics

Real-time and role-based. Configurable and cohesive. Mobile optimization and an integrated reporting app. Our decades of experience ensure we deliver the most valuable information to the right people in the best way to drive change and enhance your business.

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Five Things We've Learned

Download the report to see 5 things every great brand knows about the customer experience.

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