Brand Research

At SMG, we revel in the opportunity to redefine brand research and tell the whole story, reconciling what customers really think with what they really do. To create a greater understanding of behavior and loyalty, we connect the dots between marketing and operations: why did they visit (promotions, product, reputation) and how was that experience (fast, friendly, clean)? From traditional research to new technologies, we deliver behavioral data and insights you can't get anywhere else.

Where do you stand?

Customer experience management, market research, and proprietary behavioral research combine to deliver a comprehensive view of your customers from all angles. We uncover if they are at your location or visiting a competitor's brand; ask questions during or immediately after their experience through customer surveys; and deliver that data to you in an easy-to-understand dynamic market intelligence tool. All to help you shape a winning customer experience strategy.

Innovations in Brand Research

Market Intelligence

Real-time data leads to more informed decisions. We'll show you the who, where, when, and why behind your customer behavior and how you stack up against the competition.

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Location-Based Mobile Research

Where are your customers...right now? Our patented mobile technology automatically detects actual visits to your brands and your competitors, uncovering what happens before and after purchase decisions.

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Brand Trackers

Customer perception drives customer behavior. We explore your competitive environment to reveal key drivers that influence consideration and where you can focus on improvement.

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Our curiosity can't help but extend to creating one-of-a-kind technologies that monitor and explore customer behavior and attitudes wherever they occur.

Precise Mapping Technology

6,500+ brands. 650,000+ locations. 10 million+ annual surveys. With precise mapping technology, SMG accurately pinpoints brand locations and pairs consumer feedback with behavioral data.


Effortless engagement. Our opt-in mobile research app, SurveyMini, goes where customers go. Discover who visits where and when—even if they don't make a purchase—with fresh, authentic feedback.


Don't wait for the market to change when you can lead that change. BrandGeek puts everything you need to know about your brand, your customers, and your competition at your fingertips.

Brand Research Best Practices

Questions. Answers. Insights. Action. Real-time research drives business improvements.


    View the Big Picture

    Combine customer experience measurement and brand research for a more holistic view of your brand, your customers, and your competition. That means you won’t just get answers to the big questions—you’ll get powerful, actionable insights.

    Preference is in the Eye of the Beholder

    Attitudinal research allows for a steady pulse of how customers and non-customers relate to you and your competitors over time. Surveying the competitive landscape offers the opportunity to discover where customers sit in the purchase funnel and which key drivers make a difference for conversion. Take action to capitalize on this knowledge for business growth.

    The Intersection of What They Say and What They Do

    Are customers that describe themselves as loyal truly repeat customers? Many variables play into everyday behavior, so what customers say and think doesn’t always line up with what they do. Understand the relationship between perception and behavior to eliminate blind spots in your research.

    Map the Journey

    Behavioral data + customer feedback help you understand how the consumer journey changes over time. Use accurate visit-detection methods to capture longitudinal behavior and learn how consumer choices, visit share, and important factors of the customer experience change over time.

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