Brand Trackers

Customer behavior isn’t always rational—which makes attitudinal research and brand perception measurement critical. SMG BrandTrack helps you understand your customers’ decision funnel opportunities relative to competitors. Where do customers leave the funnel, and what drives conversion from one stage to the next? Our teams combine brand health findings with your customer experience program and behavioral data from SurveyMini® to deliver richer, more actionable insights.


Research at Work

Finding the right answers requires the right tools. We scour every source of information to answer questions, fill in gaps, or seek the clarity that doesn’t usually come with just one method. Through perceptual mapping, we establish the emotional relationship shoppers have with your brand, using an array of measures. From conjoint analysis to MaxDiff, price elasticity to relative weight key driver regressions, we turn complex research into easy-to-understand insights.


Tracking Brand Health

They love you...they love you not. Understanding the reasons consumers choose your brand—or the competition—goes beyond what to why. SMG’s brand health tracking evaluates the target areas of brand improvement and uses advanced statistical techniques to identify the key rational and emotional drivers that matter most. It’s how we help you convert customers who know about you into brand loyalists.

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