Market Intelligence

SMG’s customized market intelligence tool BrandGeek® puts everything you need to know about your brand, customers, and competition at your fingertips. Fueled by SurveyMini®—our location-based mobile research app—BrandGeek pairs consumer feedback (what they think) with behavioral data (what they actually do). From tracking visit share to seeing how new products impact loyalty, you can get faster insights that lead to better business decisions.


Branded Benchmarks

How do you stack up against the competition? Where can you improve to capture more visits? Our branded benchmarks provide a full perspective of your place in the competitive market. Take the blinders off your benchmarks to explore your selected competitive subset from more than 6,500 brands—from national leaders to small, independent brands in a selected DMA.


Trip Motivation

Every visit has a reason, something that drives your customer to come to your location, on that day, at that time. Whether it was a previous positive experience, marketing promotion, or specific product need, BrandGeek helps you uncover that reason. When you understand why customers visit you—or, better yet, why they choose competitors—you can build better action plans to win the next visit.


Actual Visit Frequency

You may be a customer’s favorite brand, but is that sentiment reflected by actual behavior? We take a more intimate look at the relationship between loyalty and behavior to understand how it changes over time. That means you can see where perception meets reality by examining the share of visit breakdown across your category.



BrandGeek is fueled by SMG's location-based mobile research app, SurveyMini, providing rich feedback and information brands can’t get anywhere else—including branded benchmarks and data for non-purchasers and lapsed customers.


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