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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Customer Experience

SMG's customer experience management (CEM) solution started as a guide through the complexities of how location-level experiences impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. As the customer journey has evolved to encompass more channels and touchpoints, today's brands need more than just a customer experience management software solution—they need a CEM partner. Our refined approach delivers better, actionable insights faster to fit the ever-changing needs of your industry.

Measurement Touchpoints

Location CEM

The majority of your customer experiences happen at your locations. We're there, too, helping you manage those experiences and discover loyalty drivers.

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Online CEM

How easy is it to do business with you online? We measure how navigation, content, function, and fulfillment affect your customer experience.

Contact Center CEM

Your agents are on the front line. Empower your contact center to close the loop and you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Social CEM

Unsolicited guest feedback provides a unique perspective of your brand. We mine the social media universe and turn your results into real-time insights.

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Data Collection

The data lake is growing deeper and we're all in. We collect and integrate our own data plus that of third-parties, granting you a more holistic view of your customer experience.

What is omniCX?

Smarter than ever, customers learn about your brand through multiple channels even before their first contact with you. omniCX™ from SMG spans the entire customer journey—whether that’s a purchase in your store or online, a return, or even a non-purchase—to dive deep into the evolving customer experience.


We're built for this. For multi-unit companies. For intuitive interfaces at every level. For knowing exactly what each role in your organization needs to see and share. 

SMG InForm

Digital comment cards open new lines of communication. We help your customers start a conversation with feedback opportunities directly on your brand’s website.

Trumpet Ratings

Authenticated, validated reviews are more valuable. We've built an online directory with ratings and reviews from real customers to boost your brand and elevate your customer experience.

Text Analytics

Get to the why behind the numbers. Open-ended comments could have something in common. We look for patterns and create structure to understand the context of your data.

Customer Experience Best Practices

With omniCX, more options for customers mean more opportunities for you.


    Mobile Survey Experience

    Mobile. Rules. More than 40% of surveys are taken on mobile devices. Increase completion rates with mobile surveys that are shorter than your web surveys, respecting screen limitations, slower typing speeds, and on-the-go usage. Embed your survey directly into your branded app to add value and tie response-driving incentives to individual customers.

    Smart Survey Structure

    Sometimes less is more. Evaluate your surveys to ensure you’re asking only the right questions to reduce abandonment rates and deliver actionable insights. Include an open-ended question to capture additional feedback, but keep it to just one question, at the end of the survey. And take a cue from kids everywhere and ask “why” instead of “what” to improve comment quality.

    Close the Loop

    Make the best of a bad situation. When problems happen—and they will happen—swift and effective resolution can turn a dissatisfied customer into a brand advocate. Mobile alerts help you address problems 3X faster than traditional website reporting by putting all of your top-priority issues—from all sources—in one place: at your fingertips.

    Actionable Benchmarks

    Dare to compare. Knowing where you need to be starts with knowing where you are today. Benchmarks reveal what’s really important to consumers, where your brand falls behind the competition, and where you should focus your efforts to move up.

    Mobile App Reporting

    It’s hard to keep up with the front line from the back room. Give location managers instant access to the data that impacts their operations right now. With sessions that average less than a minute, the experience is easy, quick, and relevant so they can get back to serving customers faster. Our mobile reporting app provides data that’s always on-hand, not back at their desk.

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