Contact Center CEM

As the last person your customer talks to before deciding what to do next, your contact center agents are on the front line. With SMG AgentTrack, we help turn those interactions into an opportunity to close the loop, improve satisfaction, increase efficiency, and drive customer loyalty. And with SMG InForm—our digital comment card— you can ensure customers always have a place to go when they have something to share.


Contact Center Measurement

SMG AgentTrack collects data at the point of contact—whether it’s phone calls, emails, or chat sessions—so you can see how individual agents, full teams, and even entire centers are performing in real time. But more than that, we give you the insights and tools, like coaching reports and alerts, to elevate the experience at each level.

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Digital Comment Card

SMG InForm allows you to collect unsolicited feedback so you can keep an open line of communication and a closed loop on customer issues. And because all of the data filters into the smg360® reporting platform, you can turn their feedback into actionable insights with tools like text analytics and real-time alerting on time-sensitive issues.


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