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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

SMG InForm

Our digital comment card lets every voice be heard by providing the opportunity for unsolicited feedback and unstructured data with each visit to your website. InForm offers an open channel for thoughts, opinions, requests, and complaints on both location and brand levels. Simple and intuitive, it encourages visitors to share their experience through open-ended responses. As part of your solution, we integrate the data into the smg360™ reporting platform for cross-channel analysis and a holistic view of customer insights, all in one place.


Intuitive Outlet

Most customers turn to your website when they want to share something with your brand—and without a way for them to reach out, you risk letting concerns go unheard, problems unaddressed, and eventually, future business lost. Whether it’s a brand-level question or a location-specific issue you might not have considered, InForm gives them a simple, intuitive outlet for voicing unsolicited feedback.


Synchronized Comments

In addition to seeing open-ended responses from InForm alongside customer comments from other channels, you’ll be able to run the comments through the same robust text analytics engine. With this streamlined analysis, you can break down cross-channel customer comments by sentiment and turn the qualitative insights into actionable, quantitative data. And that makes it easier for you to get to quicker, more efficient insights—across your business.


No Loose Ends

With SMG’s alerting technology, you can notify the right people in your organization when the feedback needs to be addressed right away. And you’re able to track all of these hot issues—no matter the source—in one place. That means a more complete and efficient close-the-loop process for celebrating exceptional service or responding promptly to customer complaints.

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