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Online Reporting System

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Location CEM

Location, location, location. No matter what happened before or after, most consumer experiences—at some point—involve crossing your doorstep and interacting with your staff. And it’s these experiences that lead to the kind of loyalty that builds your business. We capture data from actual, verified consumers that you can quickly filter by time, date, and location to easily see what's working when, and where you can improve.


Location measurement

Winning in the age of the customer requires a customer-centric approach and experiential innovations. Is that what you’re delivering? With SMG VisitView—our Location CEM survey—we help brands measure location-level experiences to uncover actionable insights that drive loyalty and sales. And as the market changes, with customers interacting with you in more ways than ever before, VisitView has you covered.


Healthcare CEM measurement

As patients begin to have more choices and view the healthcare industry as not so different from the retail industry, the experience becomes a critical component—and one where you can differentiate. With SMG VisitView for healthcare, we help providers measure visit-based patient experiences to surface actionable insights that drive loyalty and improved performance.


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