SMG VisitView for Healthcare

It’s a new era, and the patient is in charge. With greater price transparency and more control over where dollars are spent, comes the commercialization of healthcare. Patients are acting like true customers and the healthcare industry is beginning to resemble the retail sector. SMG VisitView helps you stay on top of the patient experience, setting you up for loyalty-building experiences that deliver results.


Survey Best Practices

From drop-in visits to regular check-ups to emergency surgeries—VisitView has every visit type covered with a host of invitation methods and industry-leading survey technology. And with surveys built on SMG’s decades of experience helping the world’s most successful brands measure consumer experiences, you can be sure you’re collecting only the best, most reliable data.


Real-time, Actionable Data

Great data doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. But with a clear way to spot trends, compare scores, and read patient comments, your users can quickly assess what’s going well, fix what’s not, and answer specific research questions. smg360® delivers the first-rate reporting and text analytics technology that’s paramount to taking the kind of action that improves outcomes.


Collaborative Partnership

As healthcare looks more like a retail product, the state of your patient experience becomes critical in building a lasting competitive advantage. Creating real impact requires a collaborative approach that combines consumer research experience with your individual business needs. Every health system is different, which is why we structure partnerships to meet each client’s research goals and support needs.

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