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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Online CEM

When customers engage with you online, they’re inviting your brand into their lives. Whether they’re ordering retail goods, ordering food through your app, or scheduling service appointments, we help you uncover how easy it is to do business with you. Did you have what they wanted? Was your website easy to use? Did fulfillment meet expectations? We help you ask the right questions to uncover insights and chart the path forward.


E-commerce Measurement

Rarely do customers stumble across your website or mobile app by accident. They’re seeking you out because they’re looking to buy. And if the user experience doesn’t hold up, these critical steps in the consumer journey can become barriers to conversion. SMG eTrack—our e-commerce survey—helps you discover key drivers of the user experience, identify specific site issues, integrate data with other CEM channels, and understand non-purchaser behaviors to increase conversion.


Post-fulfillment Surveys

The checkout isn’t the endpoint. When done right, a seamless purchase and fulfillment process can lead to a lifelong customer-brand relationship. But for that to happen, the qualities that drive the purchase decision have to hold true throughout the customer journey. SMG PostShip—our post-fulfillment survey—delivers insight on each step of the fulfillment process, integrating real-time reporting with other CEM channels and keeping you ahead of revenue-impacting issues.


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