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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

SMG eTrack

Your website and mobile app aren’t just extensions of your brand. For many, they’re preferred touchpoints—available globally 24/7. eTrack lets you measure the digital user experience, so you can make sure everyday performance keeps pace with increasing expectations. As the data starts to build and insights begin to surface, it’s easier to identify the gap in behaviors between non-purchasers and highly satisfied customers. And with a strategic approach to improvement, those obstacles can quickly become bridges to conversion.


Invitation Method

Take the first step and ask. With a feedback tab that can appear on every page of your site, it's never been easier for customers to provide their input. This ever-present option gives you specific, real-time insight into what's working for your customers—and what's not. Plus, we can trigger pop-up surveys based on page views, time on site, and additional site metrics. We know what inspires customers to complete a survey, employing best practices for design and delivery.


Survey Platform

More and more customers take your online presence with them, trading a desktop experience for mobile engagement or even accessing your own branded app. We're right there with them with web, mobile-optimized, and app-centric platforms to connect with them on their own terms. And to add critical context to your scores, we can record website sessions and append the session replay links to survey responses for deeper UX insights.


Integrated Reporting

To get a truly holistic view of the customer experience, you need to know how your digital channels align with other touchpoints. eTrack filters into the smg360™ reporting platform alongside your other CX datasets, allowing users to track each touchpoint without losing sight of the big picture. Whether it’s understanding how the website checkout experience correlates to conversion rates, learning what areas of the site are presenting problems, or seeing how site navigation impacts duration of visits, you get an accurate, real-time read on what’s going well and what can be improved.

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