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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

SMG PostShip

Customers who purchase through your digital channels trust you to provide a seamless shopping experience that reaches their doorstep. Betray that trust with late shipments, inaccurate orders, or damaged goods, and you face an uphill battle to regain their loyalty. PostShip measures the entire fulfillment experience to turn a critical step in the consumer journey into an invaluable source of ongoing insight, integrating real-time reporting with other CX channels and keeping you ahead of revenue-impacting issues.


Flexible Approach

Whether customers choose to pick up in store or have their items delivered, there are a variety of experiences they can have after purchasing through your website or mobile app. PostShip is customizable to your brand’s touchpoints and research goals, which means you can determine when to email the survey invitation and which aspects of the experience to measure, including things like Accuracy of Order, Timeliness of Delivery, and Quality of Products.


Broad Potential Impact

Issues with the fulfillment process are urgent, as they may identify root causes with potentially system-wide impact. And resolution can be tricky, as it often requires recovery efforts and coordinating with third-party vendors. Fortunately, PostShip delivers the tools your users need to stay one step ahead. Our alerting technology keeps the appropriate users apprised of potential issues in real time. And with text analytics, customer comments help you pinpoint exactly where problems lie.


Integrated Reporting

To get a truly holistic view of the customer experience, you need to know how your e-commerce channels align with other touchpoints. PostShip filters into the smg360™ reporting platform alongside your other CX datasets, allowing users to track each touchpoint without losing sight of the big picture. By seeing how the fulfillment experience impacts things like future purchase decisions or the volume of contact center interactions, you get an accurate, real-time read on what’s going well and what can be improved.

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