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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Ratings + Reviews

Social media offers a fresh, new look at the overall sentiment of your brand and the direct impact of your locations. With SMG RatingsTrack, we integrate rich, social ratings and comments with your VisitView data so they're actionable at the location level. We go beyond review tracking to bring it all into your SMG reporting dashboard for a holistic view of the customer experience, helping you quickly identify what's important to all customers—in all channels—side by side. And with Trumpet Ratings®, you have the opportunity to let your customer feedback work harder for you, by publishing it to SMG’s own ratings and review site. It's all part of SMG’s comprehensive ratings + reviews solution.


Location-level Insights

When it comes to customers, every brand wants to be a good listener. But whether it’s through reviews or social posts, customers are more often talking about you—not to you. And their opinions have become a crucial step in the customer journey. With SMG RatingsTrack, we integrate rich, social ratings and comments with your VisitView data so they’re actionable at the location level.


Play Offense with Reviews

More than ever, consumers are reading online reviews to make informed purchase decisions. But are they getting reliable information about your brand? And do you even show up when they search your category? Trumpet Ratings turns authentic feedback collected from real customers through your CX channels into structured, star rating reviews—helping you boost your brand’s online presence.


Social Advocacy

SMG’s social advocacy feature turns customers into fans by helping them publish authentic reviews, opinions, and suggestions directly to your Twitter and Facebook pages—or connect with your brand and loyalty club websites. In the past year, millions of customers of SMG clients chose this option, becoming the kind of authentic, organic brand advocates that promote awareness of and trust in your brand that’s 3X more powerful than traditional marketing.

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