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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

SMG RatingsTrack

Realizing the value of a dynamic source of consumer feedback, RatingsTrack harnesses the power of word of mouth. Aggregating location-specific reviews and ratings across the top review sites, we compare this unsolicited feedback to your customer experience data. As part of your SMG reporting dashboard, RatingsTrack lets you view aggregated metrics, drill down to individual comments for a deeper understanding of specific issues, and respond or follow up to posts through direct links to social sites.


Location-level Insights

Social networks and online review sites are influencing customers like never before—92% of consumers read online reviews. Most brands have a system in place for monitoring these channels at the brand level, but that’s not always actionable at the location level. That’s why we designed SMG RatingsTrack to help clients tune out the noise and dial into insight.


Aggregated + Drill-down Reporting

The social web is vast and rapidly expanding, which makes searching for insight a daunting task. Instead of painstakingly checking the ratings and reviews for each of your brand’s locations across different websites, RatingsTrack gives you an immediate high-level overview of your aggregated star ratings. And by clicking into the role-based dashboard, users can filter by channel to see how all relevant ratings break down across different sites.


Text Analytics + Alerting

With text analytics functionality, RatingsTrack enables brands to get a quick read on what customers are saying, track consumer perception with sentiment breakdown, and spot emerging themes to stay ahead of issues. And our real-time, rule-based alerts notify you immediately on reviews with specific star ratings or comments containing keywords. RatingsTrack alerts sync up with your other CEM alerts to give you a more efficient and comprehensive close-the-loop process.


In-platform Response

With its in-platform response capabilities, RatingsTrack not only provides you with customer feedback, but it lets you engage with these customers. This two-way communication provides you with a more efficient and comprehensive close-the-loop process—resolving issues faster and maintaining a positive brand reputation.

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