Employees leave. Even engaged employees leave. SMG’s exit survey helps you evaluate and track the factors influencing their decisions, learning the “why” behind the “what,” and uncovering actionable insights for employee retention measures straight from the source. Using open-ended questions, we unlock employee-specific problems you may not even know to measure. Together, we help you balance the benefits lost or gained from turnover with the associated replacement costs.


Turnover Can Be Prevented

Sometimes, a decision to leave is out of your control. But for many employees, the decision to leave is avoidable, presenting you with an opportunity to correct issues and retain associates. Unfair scheduling practices, recurring problems with day-to-day job dynamics, and managerial issues all contribute to employee loss—yet all can be targeted for improvement.


Turnover Can Be Good

We believe not all turnover is created equal and in fact, some is even necessary. We help you uncover if you’re losing your best people or if the ones that go are really a win for you to maintain your values. Was the loss functional—with little operational impact—or dysfunctional—affecting productivity and profitability? We help you understand why key resources leave and how to prevent a repeat occurrence.


Alerts Keep You in the Loop

The ability to integrate exit surveys with SMG’s alerting technology allows for quick resolution to critical problems. Get instant notification on actionable issues that may be affecting other areas of employee engagement, your locations, and your business.

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