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Feedback is more powerful when you can see how one source of data impacts another. The smg360® platform fits seamlessly into your current technology ecosystem—offering hundreds of integration types, out-of-the-box platform app connectors, and a developer’s API portal. It’s incredibly easy to bring in third-party and inferred data, putting these datasets alongside your experience management data so you have better, richer insights that allow you to impact business outcomes.

"Bringing the data together changes the way a company prioritizes issues."

"Enterprises Must Have One VoC Program, Not Many" Forrester_black_v3

API Portal

SMG provides a set of application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing development teams to connect the smg360® platform with other applications and data sources. For more information on SMG’s APIs, access the documentation here.


To learn more about SMG’s integration capabilities, contact us for a complete list.


Prebuilt, security-rich, intelligent integrations allow brands to connect applications on premise or in the cloud. By supporting a wide range of data formats, application infrastructures, and integration styles, SMG helps brands have specific and conversational interactions with customers. These personalized communications increase customer engagement and response rates while letting you meet customers where they are.


We're built for this. For multi-unit companies. For intuitive interfaces at every level. For knowing exactly what each role in your organization needs to see and share. 

Data in. Data out. Day in and day out. At the risk of sounding redundant (because our systems are), trust SMG to keep your surveys and reporting tools up, running, and available.

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Use your data when you need to and how you want to. With exceptional uptime reliability and our open architecture, you always have a clear picture of the right here, right now.

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We thrive on change. Our passion for innovation leads to configurable technologies that can be quickly deployed to meet specific client needs.

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Put worries about hackers and fraud to rest knowing your data is safe and secure. We deploy technology that monitors for valid usage, looks at the quality of data, and protects against denial of service attacks.

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SMG partners with innovative leaders in the industry to advance capabilities in the smg360 platform.

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