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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Reporting + Analytics

Add value to your data with whenever, wherever access to actionable information. Tailored to users, the smg360® reporting website and mobile app drive decision and direction with easy-to-understand features and tools. Delivering a unique combination of information only SMG can provide, we take data from multiple places and turn it into a cohesive, holistic view.

Data Access

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Go ahead and use it; it's yours. Access customer data from any web-enabled device 24/7, with no limits to the amount of data or number of users smg360 can support at once.


More than a mobile-optimized version of the smg360 reporting website, we deliver an easier, phone- and tablet-friendly interface, with access to all of your daily core reporting needs and even extras like location mapping.


You're set to share. Export, email, and print reports directly from the smg360 dashboard to ensure insights are available to everyone tasked with putting them into action.

Text Analytics

Without an efficient way to mine customer comments for insight, you risk missing out on what customers really want you to know. With top-tier accuracy, powerful reporting, and next-level insights, SMG's multi-source text analytics technology turns mountains of unstructured feedback into quantitative data—so you can get to targeted actions quickly and consistently.


We're built for this. For multi-unit companies. For intuitive interfaces at every level. For knowing exactly what each role in your organization needs to see and share. 
Data Integrity

Trusted. Verified. We deliver data you can believe in—obtained only from real experiences—to drive real change. Real-time validations during and after a survey, from a tech team that stands behind them.

Text Analytics

No time to read all of your unstructured comments? We translate text into data—uncovering sentiment, looking for patterns, and creating structure—using words and phrases aligned to your specific industry.


When real-time responses require real-time action, we let you know. Whether it's a call-back, celebration, or even client-specific focus alert, instant notification drives prompt resolution.


Take the guesswork out of understanding and correcting customer experience issues. We create proactive responses to "Now what?" by developing specific action plans managed through the smg360 platform.

Data Integration

We play well with others. Your data, our data, third-party data. Multiple platforms and multiple types. We welcome them all for real-time, live, bi-directional integration.

Published Ratings

What others say can be more powerful than what you do. We use only authentic online reviews—real experiences from verified real guests—to help boost your online presence and enhance your SEO efforts.

Role-Based Reporting


    Power User

    Sometimes you need it all so we give you all. Power users want to see the whole picture, plus all of the details that go into it. They thrive on access to a broad range of data and robust analytics to build multiple reports from multiple sources. And of course, it all needs to be done quickly and easily.

    We understand this need to drill down, cut, and export data to use the way they want to. smg360 makes data slicing simple and intuitive, with an interface that doesn't require a lot of training to put it to work. Analyze, compare, contrast, and filter. It's all there, in real time—powered by the fastest and smartest solutions for large volume data warehousing and analytics.

    Mid Manager

    In-the-field means on-the-go. Mid managers spend a lot of time traveling between locations, so they don't have a lot of time to search for data. They need quick, mobile access to real-time data that connects to company-wide trends. Up-to-the-minute isn't just nice; it's critical.

    smg360’s rack-and-stack dashboard grants quick and easy comparison reporting across multiple locations. Managers can learn what's working at the top and share those best practices with the bottom performers. Our single sign-on approach supports a one-and-done environment, saving hassle and streamlining access. A location-level dashboard view even keeps them up-to-date on individual unit performance.

    Location Manager

    Location managers have a direct impact on the customer experience, guiding the front line and interacting with your customers on a daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute basis. They need information, but only what's important to them—what they can control—and they need to be able to see it and understand it in an instant.

    We start with simple dashboard functionality: the capacity to quickly sign on, see where to focus, and get right back to serving customers. There's no need for a deep ability to slice data or a lengthy analysis of brand trends. smg360 immediately identifies their biggest, actionable improvement opportunities. We bring the voice of the customer to them, displaying real-time comments regarding their location. And when managers have just a few more moments to spare, they can even compare their satisfaction and loyalty scores to previous measurements as well as to the rest of the organization.

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