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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


We comb through your data in real time, looking for critical, time-sensitive opportunities to take actions that connect, celebrate, or resolve. Our alerts trigger immediate email notifications to parties that can impact the outcome, feeding real-time data directly to the smg360® reporting platform. By fast-tracking high-priority issues to your stakeholders, we help you keep an eye on what’s most important—even as it changes.


Close the Loop

When customers request to be contacted, you have to respond immediately. Our alerting technology helps turn problems into second chances for building customer loyalty. After all, 82% of consumers say that the top factor leading to a great customer experience is quick resolution to issues. Our real-time alerts allow you to make contact when it is still relevant and tell you what’s needed to solve the problem.


Actionable Triggers

If it needs your attention, our rule-based alerts will let you know. From escalating customer recovery efforts to recognizing employees for superior service, we keep you up-to-date on all of your time-sensitive issues. And we can alert on data across every measurement channel—whether it’s survey results, open-ended comments, or star ratings and reviews. We’ll help you monitor every issue in real time to ensure efficient, effective resolution.


Push Notifications

Your customers are mobile. Your alerts should be, too. The smg360 app makes it easier than ever for your teams to monitor and resolve customer issues in real time—without having to leave the front lines. And with push notifications, you can be sure they’re notified about time-sensitive information as soon as it comes to light. That means quicker resolution and happier customers.

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