Case Management

We process your structured and unstructured data in real time—looking for critical, time-sensitive opportunities for prompt response and resolution. Case management makes it easy to close the loop by automating customer workflows, making sure you follow up with high-risk customers in a timely way—resolving problems quickly and efficiently. By prioritizing what's most important—even as it changes—you'll be able to stay on top of customer issues and drive loyalty.

Keep a Closed Loop

With 1 in 3 customers reporting they’ll leave a brand they love after one bad experience, it’s no wonder leading brands give problem resolution top billing in their XM strategies. SMG’s case management equips teams with everything they need, including multi-source reporting, goal-oriented resolution metrics, and in-platform response capabilities.


Multi-source Reporting

Customer issues aren't restricted to any one channel—and your ability to respond efficiently and effectively is critical no matter where their feedback comes from. Whether it's a comment left on your website, complaints captured through your contact center, or issues with online ordering, your smg360® dashboard is a single source of your customer's journey.


Push Notifications

Your customers are more mobile now than ever. Your alerts should be, too. The smg360 app makes it easier than ever for your teams to monitor and resolve customer issues in real time—without having to leave the front lines. And with push notifications, you can be sure they're notified about time-sensitive information as soon as it comes to light. That means quicker resolution and happier customers.


In-platform Response

When customers need to be contacted, it should happen immediately. Our in-platform response system makes that communication seamless, so you aren't wasting precious time. The automated response templates provide a great starting point, so you can personalize each response type message and edit with case-specific information. All conversations are then tracked through the platform, so you can keep an eye on progress and see it through to final resolution.


Celebration Alerts

Every customer interaction with your brand is impactful—even those that don't require an urgent resolution. When good things happen, it's important to share that with your team as well. Celebration alerts highlight exceptional customer service, notifying managers when a customer is highly satisfied and mentions an employee by name. This recognition helps reinforce loyalty-building behaviors and enhances field engagement with the program.

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