Data Integrity

SMG delivers real-time data you can trust. Our years of experience have taught us not only where bad data comes from—but how to combat it. Whether it’s customers working the system to gain an extra incentive or employees trying to boost their scores, we help you stay a step ahead. That means you can make better business decisions with more confidence.


Data Anomalies

Is your data normal? Are your responses within appropriate limits? Our process automatically looks for statistical outliers. Perhaps there’s a spike in the number of responses, an abnormal increase in customer satisfaction at just one location, or a high percentage of surveys came in just before bonus time. Between 1–5% of locations warrant a deeper look, and we share our findings with you so you can take action.


Real-Time Validation

Real time means right now. Your business doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for monthly reports or the ability to pause while quarantined data is sorted. We perform a variety of real-time checks on our survey transactions. We create a digital ID, going beyond IP addresses to identify a number of unique things about a respondent’s machine. Desktop, mobile, or app, each survey generates a fingerprint for individual validation.


Ongoing R+D

Clean data takes a team effort. SMG’s cross-functional data integrity team allows client insights members, product directors, engineers, and technology experts to collaborate on evolving issues, discover potential gaps, and create plans to protect your data. We develop technology proactively for swift intervention and implementation. We seek survey clusters, uncover blacklisted IP addresses, perform deep verification checks, and more (sorry, that’s a secret)—all to catch and eliminate
fraudulent data.

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Data Integrity

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