Predictive Analytics

Customer experience management isn’t just about analyzing past performance. It’s about using that information to impact what happens next—and there’s no better way to do that than using predictive analytics to operate at the speed of the consumer. Powered by ongoing investment in data science and machine learning, SMG’s predictive analytics helps brands identify what matters most to customers, mitigate operational risk, and stay ahead of high-impact, low-frequency events.


Areas for Focus

Your teams need targeted information to know which levers to pull and keep their efforts focused in the right areas. We designed the role-based smg360 reporting platform to emphasize location- and touchpoint-specific Areas for Focus. Based on a regression model that’s part of our proprietary algorithm that pinpoints the two biggest opportunities to drive customer satisfaction, Areas for Focus update dynamically in real time as feedback is collected.


Operational Risk

With so many feedback channels, it’s easy to see how that haystack of data can lead to major issues like food safety, customer churn, or employee misconduct flying under the radar. SMG’s multi-source text analytics technology leverages industry-specific machine learning models—fed by billions of customer comments—to predict whether each piece of unstructured data indicates a “needle” issue that warrants your immediate attention.


AI-powered Alerts

When operational risk issues pop up, winning brands step up. With real-time alerting and multi-source case management, incidents warranting your immediate attention automatically trigger notifications to the appropriate users in the organization. Within the smg360 reporting dashboard, users have everything they need to track it all the way to resolution—including contact details, case history, reassignment, and in-platform response capabilities.

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