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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Text Analytics

When customers and employees share open-ended feedback, you gain deeper insights into what they really think. Our proprietary text analytics engine turns words into data, allowing you to accurately process thousands of comments across channels and languages. We help you make sense of it all by presenting it in real time on the smg360® dashboard—where you can spot emerging trends, uncover top categories, and see how sentiment breaks down.


Text Benchmark

It’s important to know what customers say about you, but equally important is what they say about your competition. As part of our deep benchmarking, we offer industry benchmarks on open-ended comments. Do they talk about Cleanliness in your locations more or less often than competitors? Where are you winning, and what needs improvement? Benchmarking comments against competitors delivers a deeper understanding of brand sentiment and the customer experience.


Configured Components

In addition to analyzing comments for categories, entities/nouns, hot topics, and complex sentiment, our text analytics engine looks for words and phrases aligned to your industry within unique categories and sub-categories, leading to exceptional accuracy. We scour for titles, names, products, services, and brand mentions. We uncover trending topics in experiences, promotions, and brand-specific keywords. And most importantly, we bring it all together for a holistic view of brand sentiment.


Multi-source Feedback

It doesn’t matter where the comment comes from—when customers tell you about their experiences in their own words, you have to listen. The smg360 text analytics dashboard is equipped to handle comments from every source—whether it’s your surveys, contact center, or CRM system. With advanced elastic search, global filtering, and on-demand translation capabilities, you can be sure you never miss an insight.

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