Better. Together. When what you do is a part of who you are, work doesn't seem so much like, well, work. Like a chef who cooks from the heart or an artist who creates from the soul, this blend of passion and performance is rare. But when you have an entire company that lives, works, and thrives this way, you have more than one in a million: you have SMG. We created our company to be the leader in customer and employee insight. It's literally what we were born to do and we actively nurture its growth. We encourage strong collaboration across departments, teams, and industries and equip our members with the right tools for the job. We champion respect, communication, and personal advancement. And we believe that because we love what we do, you'll love the results.

Ask Questions

We're driven by curiosity, the pursuit of what's next and what's best. It's the underlying foundation of our success and we see it in action every day. From creating innovative technologies to exploring how we can solve problems better, we empower our employees to use their talents to move our clients and company forward. We're all in, whether it's digging deep into your data or sharing time and knowledge with our peers. Never bored, we flourish in an atmosphere of continuous learning, skillset expansion, and access to the best of the best.

Reward Loyalty

Fish are part of our environment—and our culture. When SMG was founded in the basement of an ad agency, we used fish tanks to bring life to the workspace. Today, 5,000 gallons of saltwater circulate through tanks on every floor of our LEED Gold certified headquarters. And because they’ve always been with us, fish have become a symbol of loyalty and longevity at SMG. When clients and employees reach their five-year anniversary with SMG, they’re rewarded with a beautiful glass fish.

Celebrate Success

Appreciation and celebration go hand-in-hand. Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions. New hires and new clients. They're all a big deal and we come together as a company to treat them that way. We believe that all accomplishments deserve recognition and that our employees deserve their moments in the spotlight. In an industry so often tasked with helping customers discover and solve problems, we never lose sight of our own good news.

Value Contributions

Since our earliest days, we’ve been inspired by creative employee communications. So when co-founder Andy Fromm walked into a vintage poster shop and discovered Mather & Company’s series of work incentive posters from the 1920s, he quickly fell in love with their quippy language and fresh graphics. Hailing from a time when businesses were making a shift to win over the hearts and minds of employees, the collectible posters are known to grace the walls of the DreamWorks offices, the fictional offices of Curb Your Enthusiasm—and our own SMG headquarters, of course.

Keep Moving

Research (we’re fans of research) indicates healthy employees are happier and more engaged. So when we can, we choose stairs over elevator and take advantage of on-site fitness options. We work in an open environment where we actually get to see and interact with our coworkers. The ability to get to know each other combined with the approachability of senior leadership promotes transparency and creates a more productive surrounding. We understand that taking care of each other is as important as taking care of our clients.

Work with Us

We're growing...and you can, too. SMG is about more than technology and numbers and research— it's also a work environment that allows employees to impact company success and be recognized for talent and commitment.

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