There is always more to the story of your customer and employee experience. When we share our insights with you, we're sharing our fierce enthusiasm for scouring data, exploring relationships, and discovering correlations. With the right people in the room, we get to actionable insights faster.

Research on Research

Researching research may seem pretty redundant, but in fact, it's pretty smart. It's how we continue to verify our methods are effective, our measurements are useful, and our data is actionable.

Foundational Insights

Moving forward requires a deep understanding of where you are now. We identify and explore the key drivers that can bridge the gap between your current performance and future expectations.


Dare to compare. Your customers check out the competition and so should you. When it comes to our benchmarks, we use terms like broadest and deepest because they're true.


Informed Decisions

We provide the insights; you create the change. Listen in to discover how our clients move their businesses forward with SMG.

Top Partnership Insights

Our promise to help you attain, maintain, and improve an exceptional customer and employee experience isn't found on our servers or in a report. It's in the real-world success of our clients. Twice each year, we review hundreds of submitted insights, seeking to celebrate the collaboration between SMG teams and our clients that leads to positive business and operational changes. It is these changes—the actions and results—that make the tangible, profitable difference for our clients. We recognize and honor these as Top Partnership Insights.


Drivers are willing to pay more for a higher level of service at the pump

TPI-Taco Bell-2
Taco Bell

To steal a piece of breakfast, the experience has to be spot on

Hand & Stone

Clear up customer expectations to deliver loyalty-inspiring results